BufferGeometry sharing vertex

I have a plane made of a triangles using bufferGeaometry, when i calculate the positions i have duplicate positions , what i mean is i push 2 triangles that share same vertex values but if i try to lift 1 triangle this doesent affect the one next to it , and i get a gap into my mesh , how can i make it so when 1 triangles is lifted the others are affected by that change too , sort of like streaching towards it

Why not use PlaneGeometry, where it’s indexed, thus, faces share their vertices to each other?
Or you’ve got a specific case with your plane.

Im using bufferGeometry becouse it is fast , i have no idea how fast PlaneGeometry is , but im in a stage where if i change it to PlaneGeometry i must rewrite a lot of code , but is there a way to make so bufferGeometry faces share their vertecies ?

No live examples. No code snippets. Even no ref pics/vids. My wild shot is try to use .mergeVertices() of BufferGeometryUtils.

It’s an indexed buffer geometry.

What does indexed mean ? :slight_smile:

Faces defined by triplets of indices of vertices. Otherwise, you’ve got “triangle soup”, where faces defined by triplets of vertices. That “soup” is your case.

thank you :slight_smile:

Here you can compare the variants using a simple example.
From the Collection of examples from discourse.threejs.org :
see 2022 discourse.threejs.hofk.de