BufferGeometry().fromGeometry is not defined

BufferGeometry().fromGeometry is not defined.
As asked here-
I can’t access the fromGeometry function because it is not exists any more.
I’m a little confuse, becauase all the related answers said to switch from Geomtry to BufferGeometry(), which I did.
But no one mention what to do with this missing function.
Currentlly the Face3 is still in use in my code from ‘three/examples/jsm/deprecated/Geometry.js’;

__generateEdgePlane(interior = true, plane = null) {

    let geometry = new Geometry();

    let v1 = null;

    let v2 = null;

    if (interior) {

        v1 = this.transformCorner(this.interiorEnd());

        v2 = this.transformCorner(this.interiorStart());


    else {

        v1 = this.transformCorner(this.exteriorStart());

        v2 = this.transformCorner(this.exteriorEnd());


    let v3 = v2.clone();

    let v4 = v1.clone();

    let ab = null;

    let ac = null;

    // v3.y = this.wall.height;

    // v4.y = this.wall.height;

    v3.y = this.wall.startElevation;

    v4.y = this.wall.endElevation;

    ab = v2.clone().sub(v1);

    ac = v3.clone().sub(v1);

    this.__vertices = [v1, v2, v3, v4];

    this.__normal = ab.cross(ac).normalize().negate();

    this.__mathPlane = new Plane();

    this.__mathPlane.setFromNormalAndCoplanarPoint(this.__normal.clone(), this.__vertices[0].clone());

    geometry.vertices = [v1, v2, v3, v4];

    // geometry.faces.push(new Face3(0, 1, 2));

    // geometry.faces.push(new Face3(0, 2, 3));

    geometry.faces.push(new Face3(2, 1, 0));

    geometry.faces.push(new Face3(3, 2, 0));



    if (!plane) {


        plane = new Mesh(**new BufferGeometry().fromGeometry(geometry)**, new MeshBasicMaterial({ visible: true }));

    } else {


        plane.geometry = new BufferGeometry().fromGeometry(geometry); //this.__plane.geometry.fromGeometry(geometry);


    //The below line was originally setting the plane visibility to false

    //Now its setting visibility to true. This is necessary to be detected

    //with the raycaster objects to click walls and floors.

    plane.visible = true;

    plane.edge = this; // js monkey patch

    plane.wall = this.wall;



    this.computeTransforms(this.interiorTransform, this.invInteriorTransform, this.interiorStart(), this.interiorEnd());

    this.computeTransforms(this.exteriorTransform, this.invExteriorTransform, this.exteriorStart(), this.exteriorEnd());

    let b3 = new Box3();


    this.min = b3.min.clone();

    this.max = b3.max.clone();

    this.center = this.max.clone().sub(this.min).multiplyScalar(0.5).add(this.min);

    return plane;


Please read THREE.Geometry will be removed from core with r125 for more details (especially the Migrating section).