bufferGeometry from arrayBuffer

I don’t know question is right or wrong.

As you can see in below code, I converted my respose (arrayBuffer) in float32Array.

After that I used that float32Array to create bufferGeometry.

My question is,

can we create bufferGeometry directly through arrayBuffer.

var pointData = await fetch('http://localhost:1600/assests/data.dat', {

                }).then(response1 => response1.arrayBuffer())

                    .then((responseData1) => {

                        return new Float32Array(responseData1);


                    .catch(error => console.log(error));

var geom = new THREE.BufferGeometry();

geom.setAttribute('position', new THREE.Float32BufferAttribute(pointData , 3));

Your code looks OK. If it’s not working as expected you will need to share a demo for others to debug, or explain what isn’t working.