Buffergeometry explode effect


I’m trying to achieve the effect of geometry exploding on click. I have seen this example three.js examples and I have managed to modify it so that it works with JSON loader. However, this made it quite hard to process and I was getting a lot of warnings.

Then I transferred to the glTF file format for my project. The problem I have now, however, is that I cannot manage to get the tesselation and explosion to work because they need vertices…

Is there an alternative way to achieve explosion effect for buffergeometry mesh?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

The ExplodeModifier just ensures that all faces of a Geometry object have unique vertices (so no vertices are shared). This is also true for a non-indexed BufferGeometry. If you have an indexed geometry, you can use BufferGeometry.toNonIndexed to create a non-indexed version. Because of this, an ExplodeModifier for BufferGeometry is not needed.

The situation with TessellateModifier is different. It needs an enhancement in order to support BufferGeometry.

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