Help with Tessellate Modifier

Hi there,

i am using the TessellateModifier class to try to create a certain effect but running into some confusion, the effect in the linked pen so far is built from the official TessellateModifier example. The effect i would like to achieve would be more of a looping “evaporating” of triangles feel, much like a fire emitting flames (somewhat) where once a triangle has reached a certain limited position it would return to it’s original position and disperse again from the origin point.

The confusion i’m encountering is the relationship between the “displacement” buffer attribute of the head geometry and the shaderMaterial “amplitude” uniforms used to offset the displacement attribute

My question is, would i need to modify the shaders vertex and fragment GLSL code or would i need to implicitly declare the positions of the displacement buffer attribute (or a mixture of both) to achive the desired result?

any help or advice to go in the right direction to achieve the described effect would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time!


here’s a reference to the effect i’m after… although here i have manually split each triangle of the required part in the original model, then animating each triangle in a for loop, this of course will likely be way heavier in terms of processing speed than the simple method of modifying the displacement buffer attribute with a shaderMaterial, if anyone could help to replicate this using the original example with the TessellateModifier i would be eternally greatful :slight_smile: