Bridge text want in threejs

Hello i am new can someone tell me how can we achieve bridge text in threejs below i have attached a picture i want to make that text in 3d.

Would the text be static, and always just say “Bridge Text” for example - or users can input their own text?


Trigonometry can help :thinking:

  1. Center a text on X-axis, coumpute its geometry’s bounding box, get box’s size.
  2. Having arc’s height and the text size, find arc’s radius by the equation for the circumcirle of isosceles triangle: (a * a) / sqrt(4 * a * a - b * b), where a and b are sides of the triangle.
  3. Set Y-coordinate of each geometry’s vertex, interpolating it, having the circumcirle radius and vertex’ X-coordinate.


User will input their own text

Will this solution work in input field for a user

Do you have tutorial for this or can you guide me more i did this but it is getting curve from both side x and y and this code is in reacf three fiber below i have a attached a picture will be very grateful