Curved text following a sphere geometry

Hello all,

First of all my apologies for creating another topic… (I’m following also the course of Bruno Simon but still can’t find all the answers there).

So I’ve done some research and found many different solutions with many different version so I thought better ask here to make sure I’m doing the right thing.

So now for my question:

I created a text with the textGeometry but I would like this text to follow the curve of a sphere that I have in my project.

The text will be static and just need to get ‘glued’ to the sphere floating on top of the sphere so not engraved (ideally). Any pointers on how to achieve this effect?

Thanks once again!

Are you looking for something like this? three.js webgl - curve modifier

Yes except that it doesn’t need to be animated. I tried this option but unfortunately I’m getting errors probably because I’m not using a bundler… This is the only module that I’m using in my project that gives the error “Cannot use import statement outside a module”. I was hoping to find other options that can give the same result.

Can you try it with this version of the modifier instead?

This one is not an ES6 module.

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Thanks @Mugen87 I will give that a go.

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