Bended text does not properky curve

Dear Community,

I tried to bend a text to fit a cylinder surface but the result is quite far of what I am looking to achieve. The result gives me a text looking as pyramid.

Find below the current result:

My code:

`let newGeometry

newGeometry = new TextGeometry("AAAAA", {
    font: font,
    size: 0.002,
    height: 0.0005,
    curveSegments: 3,
const bender = new Bender()

var objectCenter = getCenterPoint(engravedMesh)

newGeometry.translate(0, 0, 0)
newGeometry.rotateY(Math.PI * 0.5);
newGeometry.rotateZ(Math.PI * 0.5);

bender.bend(newGeometry, 'z', Math.PI / -0.005)

//newGeometry.translate(objectCenter.x, objectCenter.y*3, objectCenter.z)`

Looking forward to receive some advise.


Any chance to provide a working live code example, that demonstrates the issue? jsfiddle, codepen, codesandbox etc.

I will try to publish my POC version on my webapp and let you know how access it.

I did an interesting test. I load the GLB file, extract the geometry, attach a material and load this new mesh to my scene (in comparaison of full glb scene load in one action). With this it works, however if I move forward with this solution I will lose all scene disposition.

I see also this scale value for the mesh imported through GLB:
scale: Vector3 {x: 10, y: 10, z: 10}, and indeed if I revert value manually in the browser to 1, 1, 1 everything is coming back to the normal.

I already use this code:

loader.load("scene/glb/cylinder.glb", function (gltf) {
    sword = gltf.scene;  // sword 3D object is loaded
    sword.scale.set(1, 1, 1);

But it does not influence scale of glb scene.
I will try by scaling at mesh level and for all of mesh included in the scene.