Box Geometry Edges Flickering on Camera Move

In this scene I created four 3D-Objects with BoxBufferGeomentry to surround the floor which are far away from the center of the scene. When the camera is moved there is an effect that can be seen on the image or in this demo

I don’t know where it comes from and what I did wrong. The same effect can be seen on the control panel in the upper left if the camera is far away (also BoxBufferGeomentry).

I can imagine that it is a known problem, but i have not yet found a solution that makes the effect disappear.

Hi, it seems to me that there are two ways(choose one) you could try to fix this aliasing problem.

  1. Add a antialias setting to renderer config like this
const renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer({
  antialias: true,
  1. Add a SMAA pass to your post processing composer
const smaaPass = new SMAAPass( window.innerWidth * renderer.getPixelRatio(), window.innerHeight * renderer.getPixelRatio() );
composer.addPass( smaaPass );

Since you’re using the postprocessing library, I suggest that the second way might be more suitable for this situation.

Cant see flickering