Blender-Exporter: Error when exporting mesh with armature

Hi everyone,

I am exporting a mesh parented to the armature. Until recently everything was working fine, but after some changes (I can’t seem to understand what actually is causing it), exporter started giving out some errors.

I have very little knowledge of code and, pretty much, no knowledge of Python at all. Do you think you could help me out with this issue? Or, maybe, has someone came across the same problem?

One more thing. I guess I should have been a bit more specific about what I was using.

I am working in Blender 2.79b and using a three.js exporter with these settings:



Can you please try it with the glTFExporter instead? You can use GLTFLoader to import the glTF file into your scene.

Sooner or later, the JSON exporter will be deprecated: