Blender exporter gets vertex order of some faces wrong

I’m having trouble exporting my blender model properly. In blender, everything looks fine: the normals all seem to point the right way, and it renders correctly with backface culling turned on. However, after exporting to three.js and trying to view it, the faces on the inside of the hoop don’t render unless double-sided rendering is turned on.

Here’s my model files (new users can’t upload files, so I had to link them):
blender file
exported json

The problem can be seen after importing the JSON on the three.js editor. The model is really huge for some reason, you’ll probably have to zoom out a lot.

Am I somehow exporting this wrong, or is this a bug with the exporter?

Can you please try it with the glTFExporter instead? You can use GLTFLoader to import the glTF file into your scene.

Sooner or later, the (buggy) JSON exporter will be deprecated:

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The gltf exporter works perfectly, and also fixed some issues with shadows. Thank you!