Best way to create a Deep copy/clone of object?

I’ve been struggling w this for awhile.
What is the most efficient technique to create a completely new, unique object that is an exact copy of the original, yet has zero common references to the original?

EDIT: I’ve done the grunt work for the main items, mesh, material etc, but I’m specifically having issue with deep copying nodeTextrures. (Material is Mesh NodeMaterial)
I’ve cloned them, yet they turn the object black.

I’m thinking A deep clone of the UVs need to happen, then the cloned textures mapped to the fresh UV copy they need?

The end result is to have exact unique copies of tyre original, yet texture images can be replaced.

How would I go about that?


How are you cloning right now? Are you using the Mesh.clone, Material.clone and Texture.clone functions?

yes i am using those.

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Got it – so you want to make sure all child members are cloned correctly, as well. I haven’t used node materials (yet! :crossed_fingers:) so I’m not sure what extra would have to happen, though. I’ll be curious to hear outcome is.