Benares (shaders)

Hi, community!
In the middle of 00’s I’ve heard a composition: Hol Baumann - Benares - YouTube and it caught me, but I’ve forgot about it in time.
Several years ago I wrote that example just out of curiousity:

And recently I’ve bumped into that composition again, so I decided to make a thematic sketch (or I don’t know how to call that kind of things, just give me a hint, if you know :slight_smile: ).

Here is a picture:

And here is a working example:
Source code: GitHub - cywarr/benares: A thematic sketch on Hol Baumann's "Benares"

Morphing of the sphere has the same principle, like in the presented jsfiddle: to compute an accumulated vector of the shifting for a specific point in vertex shader, based on values of all “charges”, that depend on square of distance to each “charge”.


That’s pretty awesome.
Loved that.

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@amitlzkpa Thanks! :slight_smile:

Awesome as always :smiley:

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I cannot think of a better way of describing this :stuck_out_tongue:

Love Hol Baumann, he’s featured on basically every study/work/workout playlist I’ve made for the last decade. This is a perfect tribute to this track, great job.

Have you tried contacting the artist? I’m sure he’d love to see that.


Yes. He likes it :blush:


Too Good!!!

Thank you for creating and sharing!! :slight_smile:

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@RiteshSingh You’re welcome :slight_smile: Glad that you like it :slight_smile:

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Playing it for many hours since yesterday :slight_smile: :pray:

I have suggested a minor enhancement (वाराणसी would be more accurate · Issue #1 · cywarr/benares · GitHub):

वाराणसी would be more accurate

P. S. You are absolutely amazing with Three.js. If/when free, could you please consider guiding me? I am stuck with raycasting on points since the last few days (Galaxies simulation: Change color of a point and display text on mouseover).

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@RiteshSingh Thanks a lot! Fixed now.

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@RiteshSingh I wrote a simple jsfiddle to create textures with writings: feel free to use it :slight_smile:


Wow, thank you so much!! Your community-spirit is rare and imitable.