beautiful caustics for threejs (open source, contains code and components)

caustics are beautiful swirls and patterns that appear when light passes through transmissive surfaces.


sandbox for the demo above: Caustics - CodeSandbox

a simpler playground: Sandbox Caustics - CodeSandbox

vanilla users go here: GitHub - N8python/caustics

drei docs: GitHub - pmndrs/drei: 🥉 useful helpers for react-three-fiber


Ha –

Nice effect.

– Pavel

PS. I also like the choice of the name of the performance flag.

excellent job, permission to integrate this code to my threeverse project?

EDIT: @N8Three can give you that permission!

Technically the vanilla caustics library is unlicensed, so fully copyrighted and you cannot use it.

But you can probably use it and maybe no one will care.

If you’re in a company that requires a legal team to view licenses, a no-license lib carries more risk, and they may not go for it.

@N8Three would you be willing to add a license?


Sorry! Added a CC0 license… use it however you want!


Now, I’m hungry for cheesecake. Very impressive!