Basis video texture

Hi all,

I have been experimenting with rendering in webwokers, and naturally came to compressed textures, and into basis.
The basis loader says:

“Basis Universal is a “supercompressed” GPU texture and texture video compression system”

And indeed I was able to easily compress a png sequence into a basis file.
And it is a valid file, after loading I have no problem using it, it loads and shows the first frame.

But I cannot find any way to animate it.
I checked the documentation and searched the web, I couldn’t find anything.
Any tip?

The only thing I found is the example from the basisu repository:

It seams it regenerate a texture at every frame, so I don’t know if the video texture can be uploaded as a whole to the GPU (texture arrays on webgl2?) but for now i would just like to know if I can regenerate the texture by giving an index?

Of course I could just load a sequence of basis files. I’m just asking to get a feeling of what is possible.