Basic Feedback and buffer implementaion with glsl FOR android

Hello everyone ! .

Im having a problem trying to pass a previously buffer to a fragment shader in Android.

My solution works in PC but not in android.
The shader works in android but without seeing any feedback.

Also i´ve tried to pass it a sampler 2D image as a uniform to the shader in android wich works so makes me think that im not working well with buffers.

Here youll be able to see the running sketch :

As you can see in PC you can see the feedback and in Android no.

i´ve adapted the code from this stackoverflow:

In wich the user claim it works for android but no for me.

Here is a link with the source code.

also i´ve tryed this implemantion wich comes from this post:

But is not working.

When I try the feedback from the three.js example :
it works in android BUT i need it to pass it like a texture in my shader and not using it inside the composer :

Any comment or things to try is greatly aprecciated.

Thanks for the help

In this case I suggest you check if there are warnings or errors logged in the browser console. You do this like so:

  • Enable “USB Debugging” for your smartphone. You can do this in the “Developer Options” menu.
  • Connect your smartphone with your computer via USB.
  • Open (desktop) Chrome and use the following URL chrome://inspect/#touch-devices
  • Wait until Chrome recognizes your smartphone. You can then inspect your app in a separate window which allows you access to the browser console and debugging features.

Finally I make it work !!!

I take the code from other site wich also does feedback shader :

i´ve uploaded a repo with the example

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