[Austria] Senior threejs/R3F dev needed (remote)

Hello, my team is searching for a threejs/R3F proficient colleague.

About the company:

  • Startup with ~25 employees based in Salzburg region, Austria
  • We develop an app to digitize spaces (via Apple Room Plan API) + a web app to view and modify the scanned room → this app is developed with react and threejs / react-three-fiber


  • Experienced threejs / R3F
  • Experienced in react and willing to work on react topics outside of the ‘3D-scene’
  • Experience with shaders (glsl) is a plus
  • Fluent in English, German is a plus
  • Willing to travel to Austria a few times per year to meet with the team (expenses paid)
  • Must be located in a CET +/- 3 hours timezone


  • Competitive salary
  • 38.5 h work week
  • Permanent position
  • Appreciative company culture and a highly motivated team

Send me a message and I’ll forward your application to our CEO

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Are you willing to hire a US developer? I am an threejs / R3F expert developer. Here are my demo websites developed with threejs and react:

If you are interested, please contact me by email: fengwangtech@gmail.com

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I’m sorry but my CEO was quite clear that he wants someone who’s a bit closer.
Good luck in finding something!

Hmm… I’ve never tried to get a job offer here, but this might be interesting. I live in germany Baden-Württemberg.

Here is a link to my ocean repository:

I have more interesting repos but I don’t upload everything to github.

Hello, I am interested.
I am a passionate 3D developer, having strong and background in blockchain, three.js and so on.

I hope to work with you, and 'd like to discuss about development.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

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thanks for your message. We are searching for someone closer. So +/- 3 hours from CET. It seems you are located in Japan. Thus, I think this does not match with our requirements.

thanks and all the best!

Thanks for your reply.
But I am open to new things. For me, it goes beyond academics.
I can work in your timezone and hope to work with you.

I live nearby in BadenWuerttemberg and am curious about the job offer. That sounds interesting. But if @wada777 gets a chance, I don’t want to stand in his way.

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Thanks for your attention.
I wanna be friend with you.
hope you are doing well.
You re good guy.

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Hey Roman,

I’m a senior .NET/C#, Angular/Typescript, Threejs dev with 10 years of experience. I also have some react experience but would have to upgrade this. I’m quite skilled in rxjs so I should get the hang of a reactive threejs package quite fast.

I moved to Austria / Linz last year and am working remotely for European customers. I drive to Salzburg from time to time as I have some friends there. I have an impressive private Threejs project to show off but would rather not post this online. Maybe we can have a teams call? I’m fluent in English, Dutch, French and currently following German classes (current B1 level) (Dutch is quite similar so I am learning fast).

Kind regards,


I just want to mention, the only things that should (could?) matter for a remote location are reliable internet and potential tax implications. This seems to be making assumptions that everyone works 9-5 and is not in alignment with your hours.

Whenever I get a chance, I move east so I could sleep in and work late.

Hi, Thanks for your job posting
I think your job is perfect match for me
Because I have developed similar project with yours
I can show you my previous work at any time
Besides, I am ready for any technical test for you
Looking forward to hearing from you soon
Regards & Thanks

All Best!

Senior Three.js/R3F Expert based in Netherlands.

Available to join as soon as possible.