[PAID] [REMOTE] Looking for mentor on project based training

We are looking for a threejs developer/consultant to help us speed up the onboarding time for our own developers based on a project (at least one, eventually more).

We are looking for the following profile:

  • You enjoy helping others and like to teach people
  • Good communication skills
  • Criticize people and their work respectfully to help them improve
  • Strong background with threejs (ideally at least 5 successful projects and/or multiple years of experience)
  • Working with Git
  • Performing Code Reviews
  • Available for up to 8 hours/week for 3 to 5 weeks (max. 40 hours)
  • Starting around mid February
  • Fluent in English (Bonus: Deutsch)
  • Bonus: Experience with web based UIs (HTML, React, CSS, etc.)


  • Have a background in 3D modelling and Unity
  • Already have some basic experiences with threejs
  • Did some smaller projects in the past with threejs

I have considerable experience with three,js and React Three Fiber and have also done some teaching/consultancy work and really enjoy helping others learn about three,js and graphics in general. My website is here: https:///www.drt-software.com, I feel sure that I could help you out. My contact details are on the site.

Many thanks,

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