Applying lightmap to GLTF model uses the wrong UVs

I understand that you can’t set the lightmap in Blender and have to export it and apply it separately.

This is what I have done, the model has 2 UVs the first for the textures the 2nd for the lightmap but when it runs it appears to use the first UV set for the lightmap which understandably looks a little funky:

Here is how I am loading the model:

const loader = new GLTFLoader();
const draco = new DRACOLoader();
export const loadGLTF = (function() {
  return url =>
    new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
      loader.load(url, resolve, null, reject);
    }).then(model => model.scene);

const room = await loadGLTF('');
room.castShadow = true;
room.receiveShadow = true;
room.rotation.y = 0.9;
scene.add(room); = room;

const lightmapURL = '';
const lightmap = new TextureLoader().load(lightmapURL);
room.children[1].children[0].material.lightMap = lightmap;
room.children[1].children[1].material.lightMap = lightmap;

Can you please add the following line and check if the output looks more as expected?

lightmap.flipY = false;
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Perfect, thank you!!

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