apedesign.net - Personal website

Hello, recently I have update my personal site and used threeJS for some contents.
Here it is: https://apedesign.net


I like it! Especially the glitchy effect over the Ape! I have 2 comments to make if you’re looking for feedback

I didn’t realize at first that “Readme” was a link, and instead tried hovering over the “ABOUT” text to no avail. So my first suggestion is either make it move obvious that Readme is a link or allow the users to click “ABOUT” as well

The scrolling is a bit sensitive, with non smooth scrolling I generally like it to only move one page at a time even I do a short but large scrolling motion on my trackpad. This preference might not be shared by others, but just throwing it out there

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Thank you @Gaurav_D_Kale, I really appreciate.
Your first suggestion is correct, making a title clickable must always be a best practice.
And about the second… you have found a bug, I have never tested the scrolling with touch pad before now :sweat_smile:. It’s not the expected behavior. My fault. I’ll fix it asap.

Thank you so much!