Animation playing super fast

Ok, I ran into my next issue :slight_smile: Ok when fading from 1 model anim to another using this

startAction.crossFadeTo( endAction, duration, true );

all seems fine with things like walk anim or idle or run, but if I try to fade to a dance anim, it speeds up super fast then finally slows back down to new one. Its like its trying to catch up. Is there a limitation on this command or am I missing something else…


Ok here is a video of what I am talking about on the fast speed. It seems to be when it goes from a short animation to a long one. It first starts out running, then idle kicking foot, then walking, then dance.

Its when it goes from walk to dance that it goes nuts. Is there a way to tell where to start in anim? or someway to get rid of the speed increase?

This is the code I used

function ChangeAnimav(num,newanim,delay)
 IVS_AnimMixerEnd[num] = IVS_AnimMixer[num].clipAction( newanim );
 IVS_AnimMixerEnd[num].enabled = true;
 IVS_AnimMixerEnd[num].setEffectiveTimeScale( 1 );
 IVS_AnimMixerEnd[num].setEffectiveWeight( 1);

  	IVS_AnimActions[num].crossFadeTo( IVS_AnimMixerEnd[num], parseFloat(delay), true );
  	IVS_WhichAnim[num] = newanim;
 	IVS_AnimActions[num] =  IVS_AnimMixerEnd[num];