What variable to pass for crossFadeTo

Ok, I got the following code

IVS_AnimMixer[num] = new THREE.AnimationMixer( object.scene );|
action = IVS_AnimMixer[num].clipAction( object.animations[ IVS_WhichAnim[num] ] );|

My question is with this
action.crossFadeTo(newanim, delay, true );

what do I enter for newanim ?

It’s an instance of AnimationAction. So the same type like your action variable.

so it would be like
actionnew = IVS_AnimMixer[num].clipAction( object.animations[Anothernumber ] );

Yes, actions are responsible for the playback of an animation clip and clipAction() is the primary way to created them. There is actually a guide that provides some insights in the engine’s animation system. Might be useful for you: three.js docs

Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes I have read that. The issue seemed to be local vs global variables, but for some reason, the FadeTo still does not work for me. I did get FadeFrom to work correctly, so while I still do not why it did not work, at least I now have a solution…