Ancient Brain: New site for hosting Three.js worlds

Dear Three.js people

I have created a new site for the hosting (and online editing) of Three.js and other JS worlds. It is called “Ancient Brain”:

It has a focus on cloning and modifying other people’s work. There is an AI angle, with JavaScript “Minds”, where Minds can call other Minds. I support 3D models and physics. Here is a list of features:

In the site menu, see tutorial of how to use the site.
There are three “APIs”, depending on what you want to make. In the site menu, see a set of “Starter Worlds” that use them.

I think the site will fill a gap that other “JS-upload” sites are not quite filling. Hoping to use it as an on-ramp to coding for young people. I am trying to introduce it into schools and colleges. Many things to do, but would love feedback.

Mark Humphrys
Ancient Brain

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