After Migration Canvas Text More Blurry

hi, i just migrate my three js module 152 to 165 today. I made all the changes which is color management changes. However, after the migration i am facing issue inside canvas texture. Text doesn’t look the same as it did before. When zoomed out, it looks more gray and blurry instead of the solid black it was before. Is this normal?

Could you share before / after of an exemplary text?



Both scenario canvas is the same. Default mipmap values might changed?

  1. Could be something display related? The second one looks sharper (and just as deep-black as the first one) :thinking:
  1. Are you testing it on some specific pixel-density monitor? And on what device, iOS, Android, Windows?

@mjurczyk thanks for reply, both screenshot from same screen and same browser(windows).

Here’s the texture outputs: mipmap values are the same :thinking:

Check your browser zoom level make sure it’s 100%

It looks like the font weight has changed. Any chance it’s making the font bold?

Are you able to recreate the problem in a jsfiddle?

100% for both.

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Yes it look like font weight change but nope :confused:. Canvas is the same for both scene( Same base64 image result). I double checked it. I’ll create jsfiddle soon.

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