After changing Vertices of BoxGeometry, not able to Raycast new area of cuboid

Hey, im trying to change my BoxGeometry by changing the vertices position. When an cuboid is altered, the newly created area will not be hit by my raycaster. Only the initial part of the geometry will be hit.

Im changing the vertices and update the geometry but no success


    this.geometry3D.verticesNeedUpdate = true
    this.geometry3D.normalsNeedUpdate = true

Also having weird shading when altering the geometry having flatShading = false.

Possibly, this topic will help: [Solved] Raycaster missing half a plane - bug?

Oh okay funny, yea that did the trick. Although its an cuboid I had to use obj.computeBoundingSphere().

But the smooth shading effect stays. I only know how to solve that in blender with Edge Split, which duplicates the edges so the smooth shading can effect the plane but not the edges.