Add mesh into alphamap-area

Hello, i have a mesh(plane) with a alphamap and now i want to add a mesh or other objects into it ( see image). I cant get it done.

The idea is to have a mask for all child elements, so all stuff that overflow the alphamap gets cutted.

Are you looking for:

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Yes, same idea, but i want to generate the outer mask using a alphamap, so i can just import it using a texture.

Maybe combining clipping with the plane would help

Clipping planes can’t have holes. Hence, I’m not sure this is useful in your case.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
I solved it with a alphamap.
Not the problem is that the edges are not smooth.
I tried computeVertexNormals(), but that didnt help either. The alphamap is created from an image.
Do you think using an svg may help? The quality of the image is quite good btw.


Would be quite rudimentary and blocky, but couldn’t you use multiple clipping planes on every side, and possibly use ‘negate’?