Add indicator to let the user know the view is interactive

I have seen this post in @donmccurdy 's blog:

The viewer displayed at the end, as long as you don’t interact with it, is showing the user an indication that the view is actually interactive. And does so periodically until the user interacts with it.


I don’t know if that is a custom development or if it is something published somewhere as FOSS. Does someone know or can recommend a module/package/source to add this indicator to a scene without having to implement it from zero?

That implementation in particular is already very nice:

  • Includes periodic indication to the user
  • Stops after first interaction
  • The animation is subtle
  • It very clearly shows the user what they can do or need to do if they want to interact
  • Does not require rendering to be always enabled wasting CPU while the indicator is not enabled or the user is not interacting with the scene
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that is buried deep down in goggle’s model viewer code.