Add environment texture to scene without a floating object in the air

Hi members!

I’m working on a car show project.
I need to create an environment for my scene and also envMap for my car body for better sense of reality.
After digging into three.js examples, I found out I should use CubeTextureLoader for loading env textures and add them to my scene background.
Everything was okay until I saw this project on web ((:

My car was floated in the air, but that car, is on the floor and it’s more real.
How can I create something like this? Anyone can guide me?
How can I load and use my env textures to feel like that link?

This is a preview of my current scene:

Thanks for your help.

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“Background” that you see in the linked project is not an envMap. That is a Mesh.
A model, carefully crafted in 3D software, with its own textures.