ENVmap - MeshStandardMaterial

I am using CubeTextureLoader () to set the texture to the environment.

envMap = new THREE.CubeTextureLoader (). load ([
                 '/images/x-pos.jpg', '/images/x-neg.jpg',
                 '/images/z-pos.jpg', '/images/z-neg.jpg',
             envMap.encoding = THREE.sRGBEncoding;

new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial ({
         envMap: envMap,
         envMapIntensity: 5,

Is it possible to set an environment without using a texture? I want to reflect the objects added to my scene, and not the drawing in the texture

You can use a CubeCamera for this use case. Check out the following example for more details:


However, notice that CubeCamera is not supported by the internal PMREMGenerator right now so the reflections won’t be physically correct. Better to use MeshPhongMaterial for now.