Add Cannon.js Physics /Making Solid to Mixamo Model

Hey, I’ve imported a model using the FBX Loader but the model is not solid. I would like to add Physics to or at the very least make it solid. Is there anything I can do? I’m very new to all of this.

Make your gameobject a box and put the physics on the box. Make .the animated fbx a child of the cube .

Ive added a Cannon Cylinder around my fbx model, but I’m having trouble making the cylinder follow the object during animations. I can set the position of the cylinder after the animation but during it its behind the model.

maybe u did not make your animations fixed to one place .Use animations in mixamo that are limited to one spot . i think u can also freeze the location in blender or in 3dsmax but i forgot how it is done

Here is an unfinished example I was working on before I got busy on other things.

I converted the mixamo model to gltf,
and then when I load it,
I traverse it searching for an object called LeftFoot
and then attach a cannon sphere to it.

Demo : (Double click on the cubes)

Source Code :

three r125

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Oh that’s an interesting approach, why is it necessary to convert it to gltf model? I managed to get a cylindrical body around my model. My issue now is jumping. I can move the body up by increasing velocity.y but it takes too long to come back down to the ground. It moves really slowly and I have no idea what controls it.
Also your demo is really cool!

its not necessary, it just what I did as part of a tutorial on how to convert fbx animations into gltf animations.
Its discussed on this page
GLTF Animations - Three.js Tutorials (