Add animation to 3d avatar

Using Readyplayer we designed a human avatar (.glb) file. Now we need to add basic animation like walking, face smile etc and run the avatar from our web browser.

We are refering to the link three.js examples
How can we upload our 3d avatar into the above animation to get this walking/running etc

Pls suggest

Thanks vij

These are just static examples - the animation in the one you linked is created using a skeleton / armature loaded along with the 3D model (you can see the source code and how it’s implemented by clicking the button on the bottom-right of the example preview.)

To animate your model, you’d need to create or properly bind a skeleton to it - then use an animation mixer and actions to play the actual animation.

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One of the more convenient methods is to build the model in 3D software like Blender and create there all the animation actions for the mixer. Animation & Rigging — Blender Manual

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