Accessing and saving ThreeJS editor history as a JSON file

In the threeJs editor, in the sidebar under settings there is history. This keeps a track of all the changes made in the threeJs template. I want to access this data as a JSON object and store this in a file. Can i get some help regarding this?

What I am doing:

I am taking a blender file, exporting as glb and importing in threeJS. The user can then modify the asset locations, import new assets from the asset library. I then make a file of all the actions the user has done, and then update my blender file. There are multiple reasons why i need blender in the backend, and am serving the user with threeJS. I will not be able to change that. I want to know how to keep track of all the changes the user made so that i can update my blender file.

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Go nuts! :smiley:

editor.history.toJSON(); will give all the history as a JSON. There are object ids as well for the movement, this can be used to update the blender file.


What you described sounds really cool! :smiley:

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