Ability to draw a mesh?

Is there an existing tool that would allow me to draw a 3d mesh? Something that would allow me to point and click for each vertex.

Maybe Blender Grease pencil could help you? It’s created specifically to draw stuff in 3D.

As for three - I don’t think there’s any ready-made solution, but there surely are some web / VR apps in three that let you do that.

Thanks I’ll take a look. Also worth mentioning I’m only looking to draw a cube, so nothing too sophisticated and no curved lines. ideally something that allows me to draw a rectangle and expand it to a desired height

That kind of drawing should be quite easy with three - take a look here. After picking the first drawing point, an invisible Plane is created that allows you to draw another point parallel to the camera - if you add depth to it, it could also easily allow drawing cubes.


Another poster than mentioned Blender here.

It isn’t exactly the easiest program to master BUT for basic stuff you’ll be able to get things done pretty fast. Grease pencil is for drawing 2D images in the 3d space. It’s not what you are looking for.

It starts with a cube already drawn so you can just edit that if that is all you need!


SHIFT+A to add other primatives.

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Brand new to blender so I might be misunderstanding, but for my web app I want a user to be able to dynamically draw cubes in a three.js scene. Is blender not a completely separate program where you can draw objects and save and later import into three.js?

It wouldn’t meet the use case for what I need, in which I want to be dynamically drawing in the web app itself. Unless I’m missing something?

Yep Blender is a separate program. You might get better answers if you explain what you want in more detail. You didn’t mention a web app!

Not sure I can help. Pretty new to three. I imagine you’d do something with raycasting and maybe the transform controls included in three.js