A project to create 3D warehouse, with drivable forklift, from 2D map.

Here is one of my personal project.

A 3D warehouse generator made with ThreeJs, it is entirely generated from a 2D map, just a txt file with some shelves position, you can test it here

The shelves are created in ThreeJs and placed on the scene according to the map, and objects are placed randomly to create an ambiance.

The main purpose is to locate easily the position of a given article in the warehouse, with the green arrow and the jumping shelf.

I added a drivable forklift, because why not :slight_smile: You can custom his color, and use it to grab some pallets and try to put them on a shelf.

And the project has a pretty fun dark mode.

Here are some pictures.


It’s nice. I needed some practice as the forklift moved too fast. Do you plan to add shadows? Some NPC?

Thanks for the answer. I need to set up a little perf management for the forklift behavior.

You may have a different FPS that mine.

I have tried once to apply the theorical way to manage differerent framerates on cannon es , but the collisions and movements were really Bad.

Maybe one day i’ll add some shadows and other feature.

I need to make another big project before :joy:

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Have you tried it on mobile or desktop ?

Laptop (closer to a desktop, than to a mobile).

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