A new WebXR Camera Controls : three-spatial-controls

Hi everyone

I’m pleased to present you a new type of camera control in WebXR : three-spatial-controls


This is made for viewing large-scale objects in WebXR.

To view large-scale objects such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa in real-world size, 3-dimensional teleportation is needed. I implemented teleportation in WebXR by moving CameraRig rather than Camera

how to use

  • press Select button (Trigger button) to teleport
  • press right/left Squeeze button (Grab button) to increase/decrease teleport distance
  • use the right or left joystick to decide player’s direction after a teleport


I have tested it with Oculus Quest 2 - Oculus browser, Chrome - WebXR API Emulator.

Any kind of suggestion (ex: better naming) or feedback would be thankful

Thank you