WebXR + TransformControls

Put simply: Is it possible to implement TransformControls example within the WebXR dragging example? Specifically on Chrome mobile in AR mode.

For my use case it would be great to enable more controlled object editing/transforms in AR on mobile. So far I can enable TransformControl’s attachment to selected objects but the drag behaviour supersedes any Control interaction and, using the dragging demo’s xr.getController and ControllerGrip, I can move the TransformController within the object but I’m unable to get the xr.controller to interact with or trigger the TransformControls actions ??

Perhaps this isn’t possible? I’ve seen on a recent X tweet that these two can work together, but maybe this is only in other devices with a hand controller??

Alternatively I have also tried enabling the webxr overlay mode to capture mouse (touch) positions to hopefully find a hacky way to activate the TransformControls but so far no luck.

If anyone can figure this out it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for reading this far and apologies for not having a concise code example.

There is a PR that tries to implement VR support for TransformControls:

Could you have a closer look at the code and give it a try?

Incredible, many thanks for getting back so soon.
It works but as pointed out by @charliebaby7065 it’s necessary to add the renderer as the third parameter:

Let modifier = new TransformControls(camera, renderer.domElement, renderer)