A new GPU-accelerated Augmented Reality engine

Hi! I’m announcing a new project which I believe will be exciting to some members of this community.

I’m developing a new open source GPU-accelerated Augmented Reality engine for the web. It’s called MARTINS.js. It’s fast, powerful and standalone. It works with modern and compatible web browsers. There are no external requirements. It can also be used with THREE.js.

If you’re interested in WebAR, definitely check it out! Use it to create your own WebAR experiences with ease. Cool stuff!


It would be useful to include some info on its capabilities somewhere easily accessible, I had a look around a few of the pages but I still have no idea what it’s AR capabilities are - can it do SLAM / image tracking / face tracking / background segmentation?
I wasn’t able to find any demos I could try, which is not doing you any favours: I regularly work on WebAR projects using eighth wall and would gladly try out a new engine, but I don’t want to have to dig around in order to find demos/ basic information on its capabilities. If that information isn’t easily available, to me that means the project is not mature enough to be usable.
You might also want to test the site on mobile: on iPhone SE 2020, the menu doesn’t work on the homepage (clicking the menu icon makes the page slightly darker but nothing appears), and videos are too wide ( they overflow from the body).

Thank you for your feedback!

There is a “Demos” link in the menu which points to a page with some demos you can try. I’ll think of a way to make a demo more prominently visible and readily accessible in the website, so you can try with ease.

The engine can do Image Tracking at the moment, as displayed in a table in the Download page.

Thank you for pointing out about the videos on your iPhone.

I’ll be reviewing the website in order to make this information more readily accessible.

Looking forward for new feedback.

Oh I see, I missed the ‘demos’ page because when you go to the get started page, the menu opens up on the submenu for that page instead the top level whole site menu.
Is there a way to test without having to download and serve the code myself? For me the ideal demo would be a page for desktop containing the image target as well as a QR code to open the AR page on mobile.

Yes, thank you, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind.

Let me know when you have updates, would be interested to try it out but I’m much too lazy to go through the hassle of setting it up myself :smiley:

Will do.

There is now an easy-to-try demo: scan a QR code and it will open a WebAR page.

Let me know if you try. Currently the demo works best on landscape mode.

I invite you all to visit my page on GitHub as well: :+1:

Good stuff! Unfortunately I’m on iPhone so it doesn’t work for me, since Safari isn’t supported yet. Chrome doesn’t work either, which isn’t surprising since Chrome on iPhone is just Safari with a fancy dress.
What happens after I accept the camera permissions is I get a single frame of my webcam, which doesn’t update when I move my phone. Feature detection seems to be working though, since whatever features are in that frame are detected OK.
Unfortunately I can’t access the dev console on my iPhone on any website ant the moment, so I can’t tell you if there are any errors there.

Thanks for your feedback! Safari isn’t supported (yet), but I appreciate that you took the time to test it.