A mobile´s touch experiment

Hi discourse.threejs.org followers…

It was made in the R60 version of Three.js, without OrbitControls.

I found this version lighter, with fire and smoke effects.

No more cross arrow and with text mesh.

Can be used on desktops.

Watch out for explosions on the way!!!

Please try it here:


Jose Roberto Lazzareschi

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Three.js r60?!? Oh, I was not born when r60 was up.

Just kidding, of course. I liked the retro feel of this game. I did not manage to play it for too long, as it is too fast for my reactions. Here is a short video of Steve getting frantic. It this how it is supposed to look like?

I´ve just changed to half velocity.
In my Samsung A01 and my Grandchild Samsung 52 Steve was running not fast…
Please if and when You run it again, tell me how Your Fast_fantastic Smartphone answered to the change!!!
Thanks for the visit! :smiley:

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Yes, now it’s slower than before.

You may consider adjusting the speed dynamically, depending on the current FPS; or binding the animation to a timer.

Thank You very much for Your attention.
I am inserting V+ and v- buttons on the screen to adjust the velocity.
I hope this week to publish the new revision.
Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: I will try to learn how to “… current FPS; or binding the animation to a timer…”.

New version just published.

No more cross arrow, with text mesh and download icon.

Now with fire and smoke effects.

… and sound when exploding :wink:

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