A material made in the editor appears different in my web app

I do have an eyeglass object that I changed its material in the editor and exported it as glb, but after I import it into my webapp, one of the materials doesn’t appear as how it looks in the editor.
[I’ll provide the object file, and a part of my webapp (only the html, that contains the js code) after the screenshots.]

this is how it looks in the editor:
[I’m using a .hdr as background and env here]

and this is how it looks in my webapp:
[I’m using a .hdr as env, and webcam as background]

sunglass2.glb (739.6 KB)

index.html (11.4 KB)

Does it look correct when imported in gltf viewer ?

yes, it appears to be somewhat correct in gltf viewer.

the glass part seems correct. but it looks like the plastic bits at the end of the handles have lost their transparency in the gltf viewer… could this be a clue?

Found what was the problem. it’s the Transmission property on my glass’s material (it’s a physical material). it was on 1. I set it to 0 and lowered the ‘opacity’ a lil bit, instead.
the thing is, lowering the opacity, makes the reflections go away as well, but using the editor, I found that I could increase Transmission, but it’s a shame that I can’t use this technique in my web app. I don’t know why it works in the editor but not on my app.
Are there any other tips I should know about glass materials in theejs?