A 3D Helical Clock !!

Hi, some time ago a friend of mine and I created this cool helical clock …
Each second is represented by a dot on a helix that represents minutes … that runs along a second helix that represents hours, etc … Well, check it out, I think it’s really cool:


There are lots of stuff that could be added and modified and we had lots of ideas but we’re both pretty busy with other stuff … so feel free if you want to make your own version (but please give credit).

Any comments are really appreciated.


Molto Bello !!!

Thank you, my friend had the idea to build such a clock with LED lights and I decided it was a cool idea to try and simulate it with Three.js.
It was difficult but also great fun writing down the formulas for the positions of the dots in space representing the seconds in time.
I tried to document everything and to write clean code.
Every parameter can be changed in the clock: measures, number of days, numbers of hours, … colors, etc.
And there are still ideas to explore but I don’t have time right now.


:grinning: OK! Thank You!