3ds files uploaded to three.js from Mathematica

Single 3D object

Array or list of 6 3D objects, which are sequences from an animated waveform:

The list got all munged up into one object, so I have no idea how to separate them.

Each frame of the animation needs to be computed in Mathematica, it is not simply local transformation of some sold part, the entire object is recomputed at each frame, so I need to upload a list of 3D objects to sum up to an animated sequence.


As far as i can see THREE.TDSLoader is basically able to load both files.

This is something THREE.TDSLoader can’t do for you. If you can’t manage to separate the objects by yourself, try to load all representations (objects per frame) as single files.

Thank you, I figure already that is the way to do.

However, I appreciated it if show me some code where I can load the frames without using the front end of three.js editor or Clara.

All the examples I found talk about using the front end to make the frames manually.

Assume that the files are remote and the remote server pushes the file into the local scene (or scene imports remotely).

Is this example useful to you? It shows how to load a 3DS asset with just THREE.TDSLoader (so no editor).


thanx useful.

However I do not know how to load and set up the frames