Working with .3ds files w/ textures in Three.js


I’m new to three.js. Been trying to make a simple application that allows one to view a .3ds file with a couple of textures on top. I’ve been looking everywhere for a library/tutorial, but haven’t really been able to find anything sufficient.

Here’re the files involved:

The application should also be able to display two 3DS models simultaneously (one one top of the other.)

Any help would be appreciated!

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Have you tried using TDSLoader like demonstrated in the following example? three.js webgl - loaders - 3DS loader

As you can see you have to use TextureLoader to load additional textures and then applying it to the model.

You can also drag’n’drop the 3ds file into the three.js editor in order to preview the asset.

At first sight, the model has a quite large scale and it is no centered. The geometry looks also a bit weird. If you are authoring the model by yourself, you should consider to fix these issues. If the model looks better in other viewers, there might be an issue with TDSLoader though.

Also consider to use glTF instead of 3DS since glTF is the recommended 3D format of the project.

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