Where can I find additional scripts for displaying models of different formats?

I was curious
Are there any scripts(additions) for loading models from: Source Filmmaker, Cinema 4D, Blender, Autodesk Maya, 3ds-max? I mean the original formats .blend .max . I don’t need scripts to export in a program like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2XvZPOoXvc . I know how to output fbx and dae therefore translate to fbx and then output to three.js does not suit me. Does anyone have any tips on this topic? I will be very grateful

Did you check out all the loaders here?
Not all of them on Three.js documentation.

There is only TDSLoader that can be used to directly load 3DS files. Other file formats of DCC tools like Blender, Maya or Cinema 4D are not supported. At least the official repo does not provide loaders in this context.

In general, it’s not recommended to load such files directly since they contain many data which are only important for the DCC tool but not for your app. A format like glTF that focuses on runtime asset delivery is a more efficient option.

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Yes checked. there are only about 30 of them. There are those that can display several formats for example pmx, pmd and vtk, vtp. I ask if there are any other boot loaders.

how then does this site load blend models? https://clara.io/library

Well, not with a public available loader or converter.


I’d be willing to bet they’re running Blender on a server, importing it, and exporting to something else. :sweat_smile:

The custom formats of modeling tools are complex, undocumented, and subject to change without warning. It’s much better to export to something meant for interchange or rendering, like glTF, FBX, or OBJ.