Show .dwg files in three.js

Hello hoping you are doing well, I’m trying to show autocad files (.dwg files) in a three.js scene, I already read a post about using gltf format, I developing an app with react and I need loaders or parsers or something that can covert dwg files (not an exterior app) and can’t find anything about it, so I asked chatgpt for more information and it said to me that three.js have two specific loaders called DXFLoader with this import route
import { DXFLoader } from ‘three-dxf-loader’;

and another one called AutoCADLoader with this import route
import { AutoCADLoader } from ‘three/examples/jsm/loaders/AutoCADLoader’;

The things is I found the first one but I can’t find the second: AutoCADLoader.

Where I can find it, because visual code can’t find it either.

Don’t forget to use Google as well, ChatGPT will sometimes invent libraries that don’t exist.

There’s a few threads on this forum about this already, and a few SO answers, short answer is there’s no loader for that format so you’ll either need to write one or convert your files to another format.

thank you for the response