3dObject with Device-Orientation only on Smartphone and Tablet

Hi, I had a question, I wondered if it was possible, as the title suggests, to make my object3d in device-orientation function only when you shrink the wireframe to a tablet or smartphone size and use another function in desktop size.
do you think it is possible to do something like that ?, where can I start to try? I saw this example Device-Orientation Example but I do not know how much it can be useful for me to get to this solution.

thank you very much for helping.

There are different possible solutions for this problem. One promising approach is to enhance OrbitControls so it internally uses the Device Orientation & Motion API for mobile devices. Maybe the following thread at stackoverflow might help you to build an own custom solution for this.

Suggested enhancement for OrbitControls: https://stackoverflow.com/a/35049539/5250847

thank you very much, I think that’s what I needed, I’ll try.