Like all module changes of the THREE repo, there are typically very logical and rational updates, Can anyone share the PR for the removal of device Orientation Controls and the logic behind doing so? Has it been updated to a new method / class? Has it been deprecated? Is it because devices may be dropping support?

Any info would be great!

You can usually figure out this kind of info by searching through discussions on Github.


thank you, i did try to look for this, there wasn’t much info on it,

there is no alternative. The class was removed because a reliable implementation across all devices was not possible. It was also not sufficient for a XR fallback

do you know if it’s an update in the core three.module.js that prevents the class being able to be updated? or if devices have changed / are changing? or if there have been sufficient advancements in cross device usage of XR sessions to disgard the class? i’ve always found deviceOrientationControls useful, clunky when building permission requests for ios devices, for sure,but still very much usable for certain use cases.