Problem rotating a 3D object with the along Y axis

Hello everyone, Sorry due to some confusion I posted this question twice. But this post is the actual question I am using threejs with webview and currently I am trying to rotate a 3D Object according to the angle of Device Orientation. I have Device Orientation angle alright with deviceorientationabsolute in js. I have recorded a video(Please excuse the noise,mute if possible).

Video showing the problem

I have shown the device orientation angle on top of the screen in the Video as “OrientationAngle”.
But there are one Problem I am facing i.e.

The Rotation is not exactly around the center of the object,but instead the right side of 3D object becomes the center of the rotation.

My deviceorientationabsolute listener is constantly running and inside it I update rotation in this line
`if(map != undefined && playerObject != undefined){



Also this event deviceorientationabsolute only fires on mobile device only.
Can anyone help me out here please?