Inital Y Axi Rotation after applying THREE.DeviceOrientationControls on Camera Object


my scene has a simple Cube on position: {x: 0, y:0, z: -5} and the camera has the inital position {x: 0, y:0, z: 0} and rotation: {x: 0, y:0, z: 0}. at this point my cube is visible in “north” direction. now when i apply THREE.DeviceOrientationControls on my camera object the camera rotates on the Y Axi by 90 degrees. Now iam able to rotate the camera by rotating the mobile device but the origin has changed (“north” is now “west”). i would to keep my inital direction after the THREE.DeviceOrientationControls apply. how could i reach that? I noticed there is a a variable in the DeviceOrientationControls.js:

this.alphaOffset = 0; // radians

but changes to this variable seems not work properly.