3D Online Museum

I did a project for a region in Austria that has connected museums, and I had to build an online museum with hundreds of artifacts, videos, 3D animations, and so on, that unifies these museums into one 3D page.

You can check it out here: https://salzzeit.animiti.at/
(is testServer, maybe little slow, final server will come next weeks)

Here is also Video/Tutorial:

The challenge was to handle a mass of data and make a walkable museum. I needed to find a good connection between 3D software and three.js/R3F and solve numerous problems to get it to work.

Only the German language is working at the moment, but English will follow next week. So, it’s not finished but very close to being done—some things will change until next week.


Interesting movement control. I am a big fan of mouse-based controls so I am anxious to try this out using a mouse.

However, at the moment, I am using an ancient laptop with a keypad and touchscreen. There seems to be a bit of a lag in the lateral rotation which makes it difficult to stop rotating. For example, I have been unable to make it through an open door before it closes. Perhaps eliminate the lag, make the character automatically move through the open door, or don’t close the door until the character has gone through?

Thank you for the feedback. That is interesting.
The door is supposed to close only after you have passed through.
Something is not right here.
It would be interesting to know what kind of system you have - Browser and so on.
I had also heard about problems with older laptops… I have to investigate…

You should be able to use the left joystick on the touch screen as well.

Hi, is the server down? I’ve been trying to check this out for quite sometime now and it isn’t being loaded.

Mine is definitely an older laptop (a Microsoft Edge that is at least 20 years old). I realize that it is hard to “tune” an input to work smoothly with all computers, So I thought I would point out the problem I was having and suggest some solutions that would not require you to mess with your basic tuning. (Interestingly, I am currently working on a program that is simple enough to work with this laptop, but I needed to add variable lags to avoid jerkiness.)

maybe it was some problem on server at night - but for me working normal now

Yes thats hell… but the problem is also - i got a report from a laptop with a UHD Graphics 400 - and Celeron and it runs on 60 FPS as i could see. on a screenshot. But getting same Problems as you. So maybe there is another Bottleneck. But Rooms are opening on my very very old Huwai Smartphone… very slow but working. I think next days i will buy an old Notebook - and hopefully i can get than something more out of it…