3d .obj to SVG help

Looking to convert a 3d .obj (created in Cinema 4D and animated to rotate 360 degrees) to vector using the SVGRenderer.

Stumbled across three.js and the SVGRenderer, and examples/research suggest this should be technically possible.

My reason for wanting to convert to SVG is I want crisp lines on the model.

Tried swapping out the THREE.WebGLRenderer for SVGRenderer but there’s clearly more to it than I can handle just know, and can’t find any walkthroughs, or breakdowns online.

Linked an image of the 3d file I’m looking to vectorise - a simple mountain style scene - aiming for each edges of the vertices to be stroked, with no texture needed (white shape, green edges).

Here’s what the raw model looks like

And here’s the result I’d like to achieve in SVG form (with edges stroked)

Can anyone offer any insight at all? :robot:

Thought I might be able to find more online about applying the SVGRenderer

Here is an example with SVGRenderer, not sure how you import your model into THREE though:

Thanks for the example - I’ve some learning to do to replace the coded geometry with my ready-built model, but I appreciate the response.

Something to dig into.